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Abby Singer's Bistro

Tues-Thurs 11-2:30pm 4pm 5-9pm
Friday 11-2:30pm 4pm 5-10pm
Saturday Closed 4:30pm 5-10pm
Sun & Mon Closed Closed Closed

Abby Singer’s is a full-service bistro and bar located on the second floor of The Robinson Film Center. Abby Singer’s features an intimate, inviting atmosphere and Shreveport’s only public dining balcony. Free parking is available before 5 p.m. weekdays in the Robinson Film Center lot on Louisiana Avenue, curbside after 5 p.m. on weekdays, and curbside all day and night on Saturdays and Sundays (see map).

Food and drink items purchased at Abby Singer’s may be enjoyed in the restaurant, on the balcony, or anywhere inside The Robinson Film Center, including the theaters. Check this site weekly for off-menu food specials, seasonal beer and wine specials, and more.

Happy Hour is Tuesday through Friday. Enjoy half-price house wine, house martinis and appetizers and $4 call from 4-6:30 p.m.

Who is Abby Singer?

Abby Singer

Abner E. “Abby” Singer has worked in the entertainment industry for more than 60 years. Over the course of his career he’s been a first assistant director, unit production manager, and producer for both film and television. Singer’s remarkable career has made him a living legend whose name is in every glossary of film terminology. It all began at Review/Universal Television where he worked as a first assistant director.

“In television, back in those days, we would make maybe five or six moves during the day- going from one set to another, or from one stage to another… I would say, ‘Fellas, we’ll do this [shot] and one more and then we’re moving’ which would give the crew a chance to begin wrapping up their equipment or to call transportation for gurneys, so they’d be ready to get out quickly,” explains Singer.

It was at this time, Singer thinks, other assistant directors picked up on his system and started using his name to signal the shot. The term “Abby Singer” is now used to call the second to last shot of the day though it was originally used more often.

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